Thursday, January 1, 2009


umair shuaib.Image via Wikipedia New Year's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Well I guess it reflects both my personality and my profession. A new year brings the possiblity of change. Just as the beginning of a sports season brings optimism for success, even for the Pittsburg Pirates, beginning a new year gives me optimism that I can make changes in my life.

I use the begining of the year as a time to create personal, relationship and professional goals. I even try to get started making changes before the year begins! The possiblity of improving my services to my clients, my health through improving my diet and my family relationships suggests a more satisfying life ahead.

As a therapist, clients bring pain to my office. It is important to acknowledge the pain, but to focus on the possiblity for change. Pain can feel forever, but is typically a signal for the need for change. It is hard to see how much pain folks experience. My job would be very difficult if it were not for having seen how often change arises from the pain.

Health crises, marital crises, identity crises...all share the opportunity for change and an improved life. As the year progresses, the reality of the difficult battle to maintain change settles in, but the begining of the year provides the possiblity of change.

I hope that you are able to look forward to a year of self-improvement and the possibility of a better life.

Happy New Year!
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