Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marriage Counseling Drug Tested

MC900441806Itsah Improbable, M.D. announced that he has successfully completed the first round of testing of a new drug that may help save marriages in the future.

Dr. Improbable noted that the drug should be taken by both partners but has also been tested by administering it to just one partner. “We are getting results with one partner taking the drug, but the results are more robust when each partner is administered the drug.”

When asked how the drug works, Dr. Improbable stated that the mechanism of action was unclear, but that the drug’s benefit was in increasing the partner’s patience. Results of studies to date have demonstrated through self-report and observation of couple’s interaction that couples taking this drug are statistically more likely to respond with patience than those given a placebo.

Follow-up studies have found that couples who remain on this drug for a year are less likely to divorce in a one-year follow-up study. “We attribute this to the couple being better able to address issues by being more accepting and less aggressive toward each other, but further research is necessary to more clearly understand why these marriages are surviving at a greater rate” explains Improbable.

Reaction to this research has been mixed. The business community has already been eagerly anticipating the initial stock offering from the parent company, Fantastic Science. Meanwhile, some psychologists question whether marital problems can actually be solved with a pill.

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